Top 10 Travel Makeup Bag To Buy In 2020


Air tickets booked, hotels reservations confirmed and you are ready to travel. Browse our top 10 travel makeup bag, grab one of these to organize your makeup before you leave.

These days, with so many different social media platforms, travelling light is not as easy. What do I mean? Well, we need to pack different sets of clothes, shoes, makeup, accessories and more to capture the perfect IG photo.

I am sure a lot of you would agree with me. Travel makeup bag is often an easily overlooked essential. It helps you keep your makeup neat and organized. You can easily plan your makeup to match your clothes even before you travel. Getting the picture perfect makeup is important as it completes the look.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in to the Top 10 travel makeup bag that we have tried and tested. We may receive commissions if you have made purchases from our reviewed links.

Top 10 Travel Makeup Bag

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Mossio Half Moon

This half moon crescent travel makeup bag is lightweight and versatile. The extended zip-top allows you to put in large containers with breeze. You no longer have to squeeze all your longer tubes via a small opening.

Holographic Makeup Bag

This makes a great cosmetic travel bag as it is semi-transparent and you can see whatever items you need in a glance. It comes in a twin pack and you can pack your brushes separately from your cosmetics.

Charyeah Quick Makeup Bag

Need to jet off in a hurry. You will never miss another item with this one pull quick makeup bag. Simply keep all your cosmetics in the same place and you will never lose out on another item.

Lay & Go Cosmo

Lay & Go Cosmo is great for the weekend travelers. Simply lay everything you need, tighten the bag and you are ready to go. This drawstring cosmetic bag is machine washable and is available in seven colors.

Pick one today!

Marble Makeup Bag

You don’t want to give the marble makeup bag a miss. It comes in a pack of 3 different styles. The gold zipper is thick and sturdy, and prevents your loose items from spilling out.

Kootex Makeup Travelling Kit

This is a professional makeup travelling kit. If you are travelling for more than a week, this can pack all your beauty essentials. There are different compartments where you can categorize your items neatly. Brushes are also tucked in a separate pocket to keep them neat and clean. This is certainly one of our faves when we need to travel for shoots.

Clear Toiletry Bag

This clear toiletry bag is transparent and you can easily see what’s in the bag. It also comes with a side compartment where you can easily pack in your hand phone cables on the side too. This is a good size travel makeup bag and has an attached hand strap. Love the convenience it brings, 100% functional with the strong zippers so your things won’t spill our.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

This unisex hanging toiletry bag is great for both men and women. The bag is voted #1 by travelers and comes with 16 leak-proof pockets, and a separate tall mesh section. This travel makeup bag is waterproof and comes with a metal hook, where you can easily hook it up anywhere in the bathroom.

Great for personal use or as gifts as it comes in multiple colors too.

Monstina Makeup Bag

This multi-functional travel makeup pouch may look small but it sure packs a punch. With its well organized compartments, you can keep both your cosmetics and grooming tools like tweezers, clippers and more in place.

Travel Pouch

With more than 20 different prints, you will be able to find one that suits your style and personality. This is a simple travel pouch where you can easily slide into your hand bag to carry small, loose items like your lip balm, lipstick, and comb to freshen yourself up before your flight ends.


There you have our top 10 travel makeup bag in 2020. All these bags are waterproof and comes with a sturdy zipper. Happy shopping and do share with us your favorite makeup bag designs too.



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