Come April, you can start heading back to the nail salon soon and here are some simple nail designs you would like to have this upcoming Summer in 2021.

We have sourced multiple pins across Pinterest to help you save some time. Today, we are going to look at some simple nail designs that are timeless and elegant. These nail designs are great for everyday wear, from casual outings to formal office wear, there will be a good fit of nail designs for you.

simple nail designs

5 Simple Nail Designs for everyday nail art

Whether you plan to have your manicure in the comfort of your home or have them painted in the nail salon, here are some inspiring simple nail art for your next manicure. Check out some other gel nail designs.

Look at this beautiful swirl nail designs by @thenailroommanchester. The simple twist and turns of different shades of pink, mixed with a pop of orange color simply makes the entire nail art comes to live.

Look at this simple nude set by nailsandbeautybytegan. We love how she accessorize the nails slightly with a touch of ascending gold dot nail art accessories.

If you love gold nail art, click here for more gold nail designs.

This pink set by is lovely. She uses pastel pink shades as the primary colors to set the base and highlights a couple of the fingers with rainbow chrome powder. This is a great simple nail design set that can be worn even for work and goes well with outfits like gray, nudes and biege.

Yin Yang nails are a great hit and these can be easily created with dotting pens. Add a touch of rainbow colors to spice up the usual black and white yin yang nails.

Nails with nude base are a stable. Add on a touch of colors by simply adding a line which elevate the entire nail art design. This is indeed a simple nail design that you can easily recreate at home. Pick your favourite colors today and starting drawing away.



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