Best Primer Makeup Tried & Tested


What does makeup primer do?

Primer makeup evens out uneven skin tone and covers blemishes.  It hydrates skin and reduces oil formation that will cause your skin to be oily.  When your face is oily, your makeup melts and may oxide after a couple of hours of wearing the makeup.  This causes your makeup to turn a shade darker.

Primer also creates a smooth canvas on your face by filling in wrinkles and lines.  It also helps to make enlarged pores smaller.  So, when you apply your foundation, you look like you have beautiful baby skin

Benefits of primer makeup

A primer application is the first step towards a flawless makeup finish.  The primer contains an ingredient called silicone.  Silicone repels water and makes your skin feels silky smooth.  Achieving smooth skin allows the rest of the makeup to better adhere to your face when you are applying other layers.

Our face seeps out sebum and we realise that our makeup does not hold on well after a couple of hours of application.  Using a primer can solve this problem. 

Women with sensitive skin may experience redness on the face.  This can be easily corrected by using a green tinted primer.  There is also the lavender tinted primer, and these are great for correcting spots and blemishes. 

Finally, opt for a primer with ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid or Glycerin as these ingredients are moisturizing and adds hydration to your skin.  When you face is hydrated, it will naturally look clean and supple.

Can we use primer makeup daily?

Yes, you can! As long as you observe proper makeup removal care.  The primer is like a makeup base, and we are going to recommend you some of the primers that are great for daily use.

How to apply primer makeup?

Always apply primer on clean face.  Prep your face with toner and moisturizer as you would.  Gently squeeze a dollop of primer and use your ring finger to apply a thin layer on your face.

Alternatively, you may also use a Beauty Blender from Sephora.

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Best Primer Series

With so many different types of primers sold in the market, how do I know which primer is suitable for my face?  Well, we have tested more than 50 brands of primer and we have listed our favourites below:

Best primer for oily skin

Mac Matte wins hands down for oily skin.  It is so lightweight, and you barely feel it on your skin.  Great oil-control feature is what we love about Mac Matte.  It keeps your makeup looking beautiful and fresh for hours without any touch-up.

Best primer for combination skin

Best drugstore primer for combination skin has to be DHC Velvet Skin Coat. Makeup artist swear by this primer as it gives the face a smooth, flawless finish. The formula also contain silica, an oil-absorbing ingredient. Prepping your face for the next layer of foundation.

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Best primer for dry skin

We have selected e.l.f. hydrating face primer as our best makeup primer for dry skin as it is long-lasting and extremely comfortable. Fine lines are erased and pores are visibly reduced. This conditioning primer is infused with Vitamins A,C, and E. After application, it gives you an illuminating and hydrated look immediately.

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Best primer for sensitive skin

This primer contains 60% water and is specially formulated for our girls with sensitive skin. This gentle formula is oil-free, promotes collagen, everything you need for sensitive skin types.

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