Best Primer Makeup Tried & Tested

What does makeup primer do? Primer makeup evens out uneven skin tone and covers blemishes.  It hydrates skin and reduces oil formation that will cause your skin to be oily.  When your face is oily, your makeup melts and may oxide after a couple of...

Try these 9 Yoga Poses At Home

Give these 10 yoga poses a try or create a homemade mask during circuit breaker to pamper yourself.  Yoga can be practised by people of all ages, and it has great benefits for your body when you practise it regularly. I have practised yoga for...

Top 8 Fengshui Tips For New Homeowners

Essential Fengshui Tips for new homeowners. Understand the basics of Fengshui and how you can improve energy flow in your house.

Emotional Wellness 101

happy women displaying positive emotional wellness
What is emotional wellness? Emotional wellness is the ability to handle daily stress and the adaption to changes in daily habits and overcoming challenges.  Understanding your emotional wellness can increase your effectiveness towards handling crisis or even your day to day activities.  Events like relationship matters,...

How To Get Glowing Skin?

beautiful woman soaked in citrus infused water for glowing skin
Any type of makeup adheres best on healthy skin.  Glowing skin is sign of healthy skin.  As we age, environmental issues like UV rays and pollution, personal habits like hectic and stressful lifestyle, lack of sleep, smoking and drinking are factors that can lead...

Top 5 Easy Homemade Mask Recipe

glowing skin
Homemade Mask Recipe Considering COVID-19, most of us are staying at home.  Today, I would like to share a couple of homemade DIY mask recipes.  Most of these ingredients are readily available in the kitchen.  Remember, you can also give your skin some TLC even when...

5 Amazing Moisturizers For Dry Skin

moisturizers for dry skin
Moisturizers for dry skin that will not break your bank. These lotions for dry skin are packed with moisture and will revive tired and dull skin back to radiance. Some people are born with naturally dry skin due to your hormones. Skin disorders...
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