Nail salon shares expert tips on fixing a broken nail

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Nail salon professionals share 5 useful tips on how we can fix fix the dreaded and painful broken nail?  Learn more self care tips and tricks from the professionals in today.

Firstly, treat any broken nails with sterilized tools to prevent infection on the wound.  So many people have overlooked this simple, yet important step. 

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Method 1 :

Nail extension move manicure

The fastest way to treat a broken nail is to simply use nail extensions.  Afterall, this is the fastest way to achieve healthy looking nails immediately when you experience breakage on your natural nails. Nail extensions come in many different forms and types. Mainly catergorised into press-on nails, hard gel nail extensions. soft gel nail extensions and acrylic nail extensions.

Method 2:

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Many of us love to drink a warm cup of coffee or tea, little did we know that this little packet of drink can save our broken nails too. Experienced manicurist shares that teabag application is one of the most common DIY methods you can try at home.  Simply clip away the broken nail and file off any split ends.  Measure and cut out a piece of tea bag filter to fit your nail bed.  Glue the tea bag filter on top of your natural nail bed and let it dry.  Trim and file to shape, add on your choice of polish.

This is a quick and fast remedy to save broken nails. Best of all, teabags can be easily found in our pantry cupboards and we do not have to spend additional money. Love this great hack.

Method 3:

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Use nail glue.  It is a simple and effective method to fix a broken nail.  Apply one or two layers of nail glue to keep it in shape.  Layer on your base coat, nail polish and topcoat.  This is a quick fix for a broken nail, but the glue can only do a temporary fix.  If you have the tendency to wash your hands frequently, the glue may not be lasting, and you may have to repeat the process.  It is recommended to glue the nails back and seek professional assistance.  Let our professional manicurist help you.

Method 4:

A fill powder application is a more reliable fix the nail glue as it has a stronger holding power.  Simply apply a thin layer of nail glue and apply the filler powder on top of the glue.  Repeat this process over 2 to 3 layers and buff down to keep the surface neat and pretty.

Method 5:

If none of the above methods are suitable, simply cut, file and buff down.  This is one of the easiest and most down to earth method to fix a broken nail at home.  Do remember to trim your other nails as well to keep them looking neat as a set.  We recommend applying a nourishing nail coat on top of your nails to keep them strong and healthy.


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