10 new ways to wear French nail design

French nail manicure by sassnailartistry

French nail design is timeless and elegant. From the nude base with white tips to the upgraded version, we are obsessed with French manicure designs. If you are looking for a seamless French manicure for your wedding, try ombre nails as this design can withstand new growth. This is great because you do not need to rush through your manicure session right before your wedding.

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Reverse French Manicure

As the name suggests, reverse French manicure is simply painting the tips nearer to your cuticle, rather than painting your fingertips white. Instead of playing with only shades of nude and white polish, you can always up the game by experimenting with other colors.

Half-Moon French Manicure

This set of basic half-moon French manicure in black and white is timeless and classic. Nail artist has elevated French manicure by adding in simple details in basic colors. Simply do a combination of your usual French manicure, coupled with a reverse French manicure and you will get the ultimate half-moon French.

Angeled French Tips

Abstract nails are one of the most sought after nail designs in 2021. Instead of drawing a straight white line, have your manicurist paint your fingernail tips at an angle to achieve a neat and abstract look.

Half & Half French Nail Design

If you haven’t done your nails in a couple of months, try half and half French nail design. We understand how it is to be torn in between colors. Be bold and experiment with bright colors this summer. Wear contrasting colours for best effects.

Ombre French Manicure

Ombre French manicure is great for those with great nail growth. Have your manicurist to create a nude base to white or coloured tips. This way, the new growth will not be obvious at all and you can be sure you will be able to wear ombre French for a couple of weeks before you need to head to the nail salon for a brand new set of nails.

Metallic French Tips

Girls love shimmer and it’s so hard to resist that beautiful contrast of nude base with metallic tips. If you prefer to have a modern looking french nail designs, try metallic French tips and you will not be disappointed. Try combinations of nude base with gold, silver or even metallic pink. Check out metallic green below. Such an interesting design that you ought to have it planned under one of your manicure designs in 2021.

Colourful French Nail Design

Rainbow nails are a hit in Instagram and here’s how you can easily incorporate rainbow nail art into your French manicure. Check out this set of colourful French nail design.

Glitter French Nails

Double French Manicure

Triangle French Nails

There you have it! Our pick for 10 new ways to wear French manicure with a twist. Comment below to let us know which is your favourite look.


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