Top 8 Fengshui Tips For New Homeowners


Easy Fengshui tips that you can use and apply when you are moving to your new home. Incorporating Fengshui in the home need not be a drastic change. You can just move your furniture or buy some suitable ornaments.

What is Fengshui

Fengshui is a harmonizing system where we balance the energy in our surrounding environment.  Fengshui can be used to change the energy in our space.  Fengshui can be easily applied in your homes or office by arranging your furniture placements.

There are certain objects and colours that can help optimize the flow of energy in your personal space and surroundings.  When you improve the energy around you, you may enjoy better luck, health, or wealth. 

Fengshui Tips for New Homeowners

  1. Keep Your Space Clean

Most fengshui masters will always advise their clients to start decluttering their house if they want to enjoy better Fengshui.  It is good to throw away things that are redundant and have been lying around the house.

This helps to bring positive energy into the house.  When your home is clean and organized, you will naturally feel better as the space is not so messy and dusty.

  • Introduce circulating air and natural lights

Always introduce natural lights and flowing air into the space to promote better Fengshui.  Open your windows and allow fresh air and natural lights to come into your home. 

You can also introduce air purifying plants that are easy to maintain.  Examples of such plants are zz plant, peace lily, areca palm and more.

  • Have A Spacious Main Entrance

It is good to clear your doorway of any obstructions and clutter.  Always keep the doorway of your home clean and neat as you want to have a welcoming feeling when you return home after a hard day at work.

This is believed to also help clear any obstacles and attract positive energy for you.

  • Energy Awareness

The next time when you return home, observe the surrounding energy around you.  “Trinity” is a relation between your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and how these 3 spaces can affect your health.

If your floorplan shows a straight line, this means that the energy flow is flowing very quickly within the space, which may not be ideal.  You can always use partition or large furniture to divide up the space to promote better Fengshui in the home.

  • Seek Balance

Fengshui revolves around the five main elements.  They are Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth.  Seeking a balance between these 5 elements promotes harmony and thereby improving Fengshui.

  • Use Mirrors Wisely

Be mindful of where you want to place the mirrors.  For example, most people would refrain from placing the mirror right in front of the bed, as you may just scare yourself when you wake up in the middle of the night.

Fengshui masters usually use mirrors to reflect energy and energize the space.  Avoid placing mirrors in corners where you believe there is negative energy on the spot.  Use mirrors in the living area to increase the energy level of the home.

  • Incorporate Fengshui colours

One of the commonly used colour is Fengshui to activate your wealth is gold.  Try to put items with elements of gold around your home.  You can consider adding a painting with gold frames, add rugs or pillows with elements of gold colour and more.

  • Add Fresh Flowers

Add beautiful fresh flowers around your home. When you look and feel beautiful, you will be happy. When you are happy, you are also bringing positive energy into your home.

If you do not have time to buy flowers, check out FreshBlooms by Far East Flora. You can order monthly subscriptions of fresh flowers delivered to your homes.

  • Add A Water Fountain

Water is a symbolic element for wealth and prosperity.  You can consider placing a little fountain or air purifier in your home.  This can also help to infuse great energy in the air.  Click here to learn How To Get Rid of Negative Energy.


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