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Hi, I’m Michelle! My mission is to gather awesome beauty and skincare products available in the market and share skincare solutions and makeup tips.  Embark on my holistic beauty journey in my mailing list below and you will receive my FREE skincare printable checklists, as well as bi-weekly updates on the latest skincare products and trends. In addition to my beauty blog, I am also writing blogging posts to help like-minded women who like to start their own business online. 

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In these articles, I share my experience as a digital marketer and how I have achieved my success as an entrepreneur.  The steps are easy to follow, and I am sure you can replicate these processes yourself at home.  I also have a manicure website, Move Manicure which provides manicure and pedicure services to clients in the comfort of their home, wedding and corporate events. Move Manicure also employs women who are unable to commit full time hours.  We love to empower more women by introducing flexible working schedules.  I always love to hear from you, so follow me and reach me on Twitter! michelle signature

About Me

Michelle Lee

Come join me on a beauty journey. Here we explore the latest skincare products and how we can use natural ingredients for DIY skincare at home.