10 new ways to wear French nail design

French nail manicure by sassnailartistry
French nail design is timeless and elegant. From the nude base with white tips to the upgraded version, we are obsessed with French manicure designs. If you are looking for a seamless French manicure for your wedding, try ombre nails as this...

7 of the Best Vitamin C Skin Care in Amazon

Would you like to have brighter, healthier and dewy skin? Add Vitamin C skin care products into your facial regieme. Vitamin C is a great anti-oxidant and protects your skin from UV damage, lightens dark spots and stimulates collagen production for smooth,...

10 Simple Summer Nail Designs in 2021 to try now

We have curated some interesting summer nail designs great for short nails. Try different manicure styles this summer as we experiment with stylish nail shapes, bright and bold colors, and different textures of nail polish. Bid goodbye to simple nail designs and...

Relieve eczema skin with these 5 moisturizing products now

What do you do when you have eczema skin. Do you feel helpless and frustrated as you have to deal with itchy and flaky patches of skin? You are not alone as there are 3 million people suffering from red itchy and...

Simple Nail Designs You Love

Come April, you can start heading back to the nail salon soon and here are some simple nail designs you would like to have this upcoming Summer in 2021. We have sourced multiple pins across Pinterest to help you save some time. Today, we...

Top 10 Unique Ways To Wear Gold Nail Designs 2021

Gold nail designs 2021
As we transit into sunny summer, it's time to explore gold nail designs 2021. This season, it is essential to keep all nail art designs to a minimal design. Gold is often associated to a valuable and precious metal and we would...

Nail salon shares expert tips on fixing a broken nail

nail extension in nail salon
Nail salon professionals share 5 useful tips on how we can fix fix the dreaded and painful broken nail?  Learn more self care tips and tricks from the professionals in today. Firstly, treat any broken nails with sterilized tools to prevent infection on the wound. ...

10 Best Base Coats To Protect Your Nails

base coat nail polish
What is base coat? Almost every nail salon starts prepping the nails with base coat before nail polish color application. Base coat acts as a defensive barrier layer to protect your natural nail bed from turning yellowish. It will also give your finished...

Top 10 Star Nail Art We Love

star nail art
Star nail art is cute and clean. Not only is it easy to do, the starry nail art look is very versatile as well. You can choose to have a french manicure base, or use darker shades like midnight blues or plum...

Look out for Glycerin the next time you buy a skincare product

Glycerin During winter times, you want to grab the best moisturizers for dry skin you can find.  After all, cracked heels and dry skin are painful and itchy. Today, we are going to introduce Glycerin and why commercial brands are actively adding this ingredient...
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